PDF: Numeracy Strands and DoK

Numeracy Strands

For each grade range, the assessment includes four stand-alone strands that allow students to demonstrate what they know and can do within each foundational numeracy strand:

  • PATTERNING: number, algebra, expressions, variables, etc.
    • A: magnitude (comparing and ordering), place value, counting principles, rational numbers, irrational numbers, etc.
    • B: fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios, proportions, parts and wholes, etc.
  • COMPUTATIONAL FLUENCY: strategies, flexible thinking, partitioning, symbolic representation, operational sense (whole numbers), concept of equality, additive thinking, multiplicative thinking, etc.

Depth of Knowledge (DoK)

The student response components include questions at all three levels of Depth of Knowledge (DoK).

  • DoK Level 1: recognize, identify, calculate: recalling information
  • DoK Level 2: interpret, infer, classify: applying a skill or concept
  • DoK Level 3: assess, explain, construct: strategic thinking, creativity

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